Mine Spec Toyota Troop Carrier Ambulance

The Mine Spec Ambulance is a robust medical support unit, equipped with Toyota’s proven off-road capabilities and essential features for remote conditions. It includes roll-over protection, dual air conditioning, advanced LED lighting, a comprehensive PA and siren system, non-slip flooring, and specialized stretcher accommodations, ensuring readiness and safety for any emergency.

Toyota Troop Carrier 4x4 Ambulance Mine Spec

The Toyota Troop Carrier 4×4 Ambulance Mine Spec is equipped to handle the demanding needs of remote location operations with Toyota’s renowned reliability and off-road capabilities. This model features Roll Over Protection, rear air conditioning, and a rear wheel carrier complete with two spare wheels. It supports a 3,950kg GVM upgrade and includes non-slip flooring with sealed edging for additional safety. The vehicle is also equipped with a side door conversion with central locking, forward-facing rear seats, and brackets for oxygen cylinders, enhancing its functionality as a mobile medical unit. The addition of a hazard siren/PA system, LED lightbars, and worklights ensures visibility and communication in critical situations. It includes a dual battery system with override, LED rear combination lights, and a stretcher locker for a Ferno 50-E stretcher. With blackout rear windows and a clutch start, this ambulance is prepared for any emergency. Available for pickup from our Perth office or delivery across WA, it is ready to serve as a vital resource in any operation.
  • Roll Over Protection
  • Rear Air Conditioning
  • 2 Spare Wheels
  • GVM Upgrade 3950kg
  • 2 x “D” Oxygen Cylinder Brackets
  • 1 x “C” Oxygen Cylinder Brackets
  • Hazard Siren / PA System with Speaker Mounted on Bull Bar
  • LED Lightbar (Red/Blue/Amber)
  • LED Surface Mount Lights (Red/Blue) on Front Side and Rear of body
  • 4 x LED Worklights
  • Rear Mounted Led Amber light
  • Interior LED Strip Lights and Map lights
  • Dual Battery System C/W Override
  • LED Rear Combination Lights
  • Stretcher Locker Device To Suit Ferno 50-E Stretcher
  • Rear Aliminium Step
  • Rear Windows Black out
  • Clutch Start
  • Roof Mounted Locker for Basket Stretcher

All of our Mine Spec Toyota Troop Carrier Ambulance vehicles come with the following features standard

Mine Spec Toyota Troop Carrier Ambulance Vehicle tracking and safety

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