Mine Spec Commuter 4x4 Bus

The Mine Spec Commuter 4×4 Bus, featuring High & Low Range 4×4 and an exceptional 180mm ground clearance, is expertly engineered for mining operations. It ensures reliable access to remote sites, offering unmatched durability and performance in rugged environments, making it an essential vehicle for any mining fleet.
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Commuter 4x4 / 4WD Bus Mine Spec

The Commuter 4×4 / 4WD Bus Mine Spec is equipped with High & Low Range 4×4 and boasts one of the highest ground clearances at 180mm above the standard, making it perfectly suited for the rigorous demands of mining operations. This robustly converted HiAce ensures that your team can access the most remote and challenging mining sites with reliability and ease. Its superior design and functionality are ideal for safely transporting crews and essential equipment across uneven and rugged landscapes. Available for immediate pickup from our Perth office or can be delivered directly to any location in Western Australia, this vehicle is a critical asset for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. With its ability to navigate tough environments and ensure safe and comfortable transport, the Commuter 4×4 / 4WD Bus Mine Spec is an indispensable part of modern mining infrastructure, designed to meet the high standards required in the industry.
  • 180mm Above Standard Ground Clearance
  • High and Low range
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Front and rear air conditioning (duct for every passenger)
  • Toyota Safety Sense
  • 2.8L Turbo Diesel Engine
  • 3 SRS Airbags
Pickup in Perth and by delivery throughout WA

All of our Mine Spec Commuter 4x4 Bus vehicles come with the following features standard

Mine Spec Commuter 4x4 Bus Vehicle tracking and safety

When you work in mining, construction, or telecommunications, it’s vital to maintain control of your health and safety—at every stage of every project.

That’s why all our light hire vehicles are fitted with a tracker, which enables you to monitor driver behaviour, vehicle usage, and fuel costs.

There’s no need to worry about how and where your vehicles are being used. Plus, you can use the data at your fingertips to make budget-friendly decisions along the way.

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