Mine Spec Hilux Field Service Ute

The Mine Spec Hilux Field Service Ute is engineered for durability and efficiency, featuring a Hidrive service body that’s both light and robust. Designed to reduce fuel costs and enhance payload capacity without compromising safety, it comes equipped with a full canopy, modular internal accessories, and a range of external add-ons to streamline operations and manage gear effectively.
New Rental Hilux Single Cab Service Ute

Field Service Hilux 4x4 Mine Spec Ute

The Field Service Hilux 4×4 Mine Spec Ute is crafted for resilience and efficiency, with a Hidrive service body that combines lightweight durability with safety. It’s designed to reduce fuel costs and braking distances while maximizing load capacity. This vehicle features a comprehensive canopy for secure storage and organization of equipment both inside and under the canopy. It’s equipped with customizable options such as roof racks, ladder slides, and under tray storage solutions to enhance operational readiness. Internal setups include modular shelving, drawer units, and load restraint systems tailored for demanding field conditions. Supported by expert automotive electrical installation, this ute ensures your operations are streamlined and secure. Available for pickup from our Perth office or delivery directly to any site in WA, it’s the reliable choice for those seeking a durable and functional vehicle solution
  • Customized Tray and Toolbox
  • 2.8L Turbo Diesel Engine
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Toyota Safety Sense
  • 5-star 2019 ANCAP Safety Rating
Pickup in Perth and by delivery throughout WA

All of our Mine Spec Hilux Field Service Ute vehicles come with the following features standard

Mine Spec Hilux Field Service Ute Vehicle tracking and safety

When you work in mining, construction, or telecommunications, it’s vital to maintain control of your health and safety—at every stage of every project.

That’s why all our light hire vehicles are fitted with a tracker, which enables you to monitor driver behaviour, vehicle usage, and fuel costs.

There’s no need to worry about how and where your vehicles are being used. Plus, you can use the data at your fingertips to make budget-friendly decisions along the way.

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