Mine Spec 30 Seat Coach

The Mine Spec 30 Seat Coach, a 2024 Able Isuzu FTS 139-240 Auto 4WD, offers comfortable seating for 30 with a spacious rear boot for storage. Featuring 27 seats in the main cabin and 3 in the cab, this coach is ideal for safely transporting large groups on rugged sites.
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30 Seat 4x4 Coach Mine Spec

Introducing the 30 Seat 4×4 Coach Mine Spec, the 2024 Able Isuzu FTS 139-240 Auto 4WD, tailored for efficient group transport. With 30 comfortable seats and ample rear boot storage, this coach is designed to handle rugged conditions while ensuring the safe transit of large crews. The spacious interior includes 27 seats in the main cabin and 3 in the cab, making it perfect for comprehensive team movements. Ready for action, this vehicle is available for pickup from our Perth office or can be delivered directly to any site in WA, providing a reliable and convenient solution for your operational needs.
  • 30 Seater
  • Rear Boot Storage
  • 4x4
Pickup in Perth and by delivery throughout WA

All of our Mine Spec 30 Seat Coach vehicles come with the following features standard

Mine Spec 30 Seat Coach Vehicle tracking and safety

When you work in mining, construction, or telecommunications, it’s vital to maintain control of your health and safety—at every stage of every project.

That’s why all our light hire vehicles are fitted with a tracker, which enables you to monitor driver behaviour, vehicle usage, and fuel costs.

There’s no need to worry about how and where your vehicles are being used. Plus, you can use the data at your fingertips to make budget-friendly decisions along the way.

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