Ambulance Mine Spec Hire

Hire a mine spec compliant Ambulance and meet your compliance and safety requirements. Our mine site Ambulances are available for hire or rental in Perth or by delivery throughout Western Australia
New Rental Troopy Ambulance

Mine Spec Ambulance Hire

Exceptional customer service throughout Western Australia

Whether you need a mine site ambulance in Perth or a mine spec compliant ambulance in Kalgoorlie, we’ll deliver it on time with a smile. We provide light vehicle hire throughout Western Australia—even to the most remote town and worksites.

Mine Spec Toyota Troop Carrier Ambulance Hire

The Mine Spec Ambulance is a robust medical support unit, equipped with Toyota’s proven off-road capabilities and essential features for remote conditions. It includes roll-over protection, dual air conditioning, advanced LED lighting, a comprehensive PA and siren system, non-slip flooring, and specialized stretcher accommodations, ensuring readiness and safety for any emergency.

Ambulance Hire

to suit you — and your budget.

As an independent, family business, we pride ourselves in treating you to exceptional and personalised customer service—whatever your needs, wherever you work, and whatever your budget. Our light vehicle hire plans are 100% customisable, so you can count on getting the right vehicle for the right job.