Why choose New Rental

There’s no substitute for experience.

Here at New Rental, we’ve lived and breathed light vehicle hire in the mining, oil & gas, and civil construction industries for more than 35 years. That’s why we understand the challenges you face—from the expense of dealing with unreliable vehicles to the frustrations of unfair pricing. That’s also why we set up our family business—because we believe that light vehicle hire can be done differently.

Safe, reliable, compliant light vehicle hire

When you hire with us, you can count on getting a light vehicle that’s safe, reliable, and 100% compliant.

Every single late-model vehicle in our fleet is selected, maintained, tested, and tested again by our team of expert mechanics.
As a result, it arrives at your worksite absolutely ready for the job at hand.

Competitively priced light vehicle hire

We never, ever cut corners, but we do make sure our light vehicle hire rates are competitively priced. How?
By making sure you get the right vehicle for the right job, so you never spend more than necessary.
By providing bells and whistles, like MacTracks, which enable you to monitor vehicle usage and driver safety.

Flexible and convenient

Our flexible hire plans let you choose the right number and best types of vehicles for your needs.
Forget the headaches associated with financing multiple vehicles. Instead, enjoy a host of financial benefits, such as generous tax deductions through a hire plan arrangement.

Late model, customised vehicles rental

We invest only in late model vehicles, and retire them at approximately three years or 100,000 kilometres.
We have experience in creating purpose built customised vehicles for every situation.
For you, that means light vehicle rentals that are late-model, safe, customised, reliable and ready to work.

Exceptional customer service throughout Western Australia

Whether you need a light truck in Perth or a coach in Kalgoorlie, we’ll deliver it on time with a smile.

We provide light vehicle hire throughout Western Australia—even to the most remote town and worksites.
And we guarantee exceptional customer service with every hire.

We’re flexible, adaptable, dependable, and here to help.

Are you ready to go experience New Rental?

As an independent, family business, we pride ourselves in treating you to exceptional and personalised customer service—whatever your needs, wherever you work, and whatever your budget. Our light vehicle hire plans are 100% customisable, so you can count on getting the right vehicle for the right job.