Mine Spec Fire Ute

The Mine Spec Fire Ute is built tough with a Toyota LC70 chassis and a GAAM MK70 pump powered by a Hatz Diesel Engine, delivering up to 630LPM. It features a 500L poly water tank, hose reels, and a Foam Proportioning System. Enhanced with radiant heat shields and emergency warning lights, it’s ready for any fire emergency.
New Rental Landcruiser Single Cab Fire Truck

Firefighting Ute Mine Spec

The Firefighting Ute Mine Spec is equipped for high-demand scenarios, featuring a robust Toyota LC70 chassis and a powerful GAAM MK70 pump driven by a Hatz Diesel Engine, capable of 630LPM max flow. It includes a 500L poly water tank and an advanced foam system with a 20L foam drum. The vehicle is safeguarded with full-length aluminum lockers, Centurion roller shutters, and comprehensive lighting including a Code 3 LED lightbar and emergency warning systems. It also offers exceptional crew protection with radiant heat shields and burn-over blankets, ensuring safety in extreme conditions. Optional enhancements like a water deluge and in-cab air filtration systems are available. Ready for immediate use, it can be picked up from our Perth office or delivered directly to any site in WA, providing a reliable solution for managing fire emergencies efficiently.
  • Powerful GAAM MK70 pump
  • 630LPM max flow
  • 500L poly water tank
  • 20L foam drum
  • Full-length aluminum lockers
  • Centurion roller shutters
  • Code 3 LED lightbar
  • Emergency warning systems
  • Radiant heat shields
  • Burn-over blankets
  • Water deluge and in-cab air filtration systems are available
Pickup in Perth and by delivery throughout WA

All of our Mine Spec Fire Ute vehicles come with the following features standard

Mine Spec Fire Ute Vehicle tracking and safety

When you work in mining, construction, or telecommunications, it’s vital to maintain control of your health and safety—at every stage of every project.

That’s why all our light hire vehicles are fitted with a tracker, which enables you to monitor driver behaviour, vehicle usage, and fuel costs.

There’s no need to worry about how and where your vehicles are being used. Plus, you can use the data at your fingertips to make budget-friendly decisions along the way.

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